About us

Gurukul College of Education Mauhariya (Amarpatan) Satna (M.P.) started under the aegis of Nav Sanchar Shiksha Samiti Rewa in 2017, has been successful in taking forward the vision of its managing society, which is reflected in the society’s motto, “Sincerity, Skill, and Talent”.

Our College is one of the very few non-government colleges in M.P., which apart from other B.Ed. & D.El.Ed. College far ahead in its approach for educating students in Professional Courses.

The well-developed and carefully planned courses in this field create guidance, attention, care, and encouragement for our students.

We have decided a vision of developing our students into Specialists in their field. To groom them with a strong personality along with requisite professional abilities, we have included various ‘Career Guidance’ and ‘Personality Development’.

Our is a mission to promote quality education, to help students in their teaching career to gain knowledge, to promote the feeling of National integration among the students, to contribute in the national development, and last but not the least to help its students achieve an all round Development. We are committed to provide a purposeful education with an approach for achieving not only academic excellence but also to enable our students to successfully in the teaching field.

We pray to the Almighty that He should give us the strength to achieve success in our mission.